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Iron and Steel Sector In Turkey

During the industrialization period, the iron and steel industry has an undeniable prominence. It supplies raw materials from iron and steel industry to many industries such as metal ware industry, agricultural machinery industry, marine and motor road transportation industry, construction industry, electric and non-electrical machinery industries.
Iron and steel sector, considered as an indispensable element of industrialization for a period, was the first seed in our country in 1928 with the start of steel production in Kırıkkale by the Institution of Machinery and Chemical Industry. In 1937, the first integrated iron and steel plant was established with the service of Karabük Iron and Steel Works. Eregli Iron and Steel factories, our second integrated plant, started production in 1965 to meet the need for flat products. Iskenderun Iron and Steel Works, which was the last of the three integrated plants, entered service in 1977.
The private enterprise’s activities in this sector started quite late. After the first electric arc furnace foundation established in 1960, the increasing number of arc furnaces have achieved the greatest development during the period of growth and outward opening of the industry after 1980. Between 1985 and 2000, total crude steel production increased by 194 percent.
The number of arc furnaces opened up to 3 integrated tesa reached 15. 69 percent of the country’s crude steel capacity of 19.8 million tons belongs to arc furnace installations and 31 percent belongs to integrated plants.
18 producer companies operating in the sector are all among Turkey’s largest 500 organizations, with the exception of the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institute.
Turkey ranks 15th in the world with 14.3 million tons of steel production according to the data of 2000. In 2001, it maintained its position with 15 million tons of production.

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