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The Place of Stainless Steel in the Turkish Economy

Since 1990, 65 000 to 85 000 tonnes of stainless steel have been consumed in Turkey. Consumption of stainless steel per capita in our country is approximately 1.5 Kilograms. This amount corresponds to 0.5% of world consumption. Apart from the EU, Turkey is the most important consumer in Europe. Turkey is totally dependent on stainless steel.

The world iron and steel industry is living its golden years. Today the low alloy steel tone is around $ 500-600. Our country is 13th in the world in iron and steel production and 9th in exports. 60% of our country’s iron and steel production is done in electric arc furnaces by recycling from scrap. This method is expensive compared to integrated plant production. In the world, this is the opposite. The reason behind the world’s iron and steel industry’s golden age is that China demands 30 million tons of steel a year to cover the world market. However, with the investments it has made in China, China will be open in 2007. The company aims to produce 30 million tons more in 2010.

Taking these developments into consideration, it would be wise to produce high value-added products by modifying the arc furnaces with small investments rather than low-value-added unsupported steels with abundant amounts of arc furnaces in our country. after 2007, the countries with expensive electric arc furnaces that need the iron and steel production to new markets will need to compete with China’s cheap production after 2010. Therefore, the position of stainless steel, one of the strategic products that will save our country’s iron and steel industry, in the country’s economy will be better understood.

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