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Turkey’s Iron Export and Import

Approximately 4-4.5 million tons of iron needs of around 10-13 million tons of annual iron and steel factory in our country are provided from domestic sources and about 150-200 million dollars are paid for the remaining part with imports. Considering the foreign trade figures of the mining industry, iron ore is second only to imported coal.

Iron Ore Imports and Exports by Turkey of the Year (Source: DTI, 2004)

Years 2000 2001 2002 2003
  Quantity (Ton) Value ($) Quantity (Ton) Value ($) Quantity (Ton) Value ($) Quantity (Ton) Value ($)
Import 4.140.102 115.503.373 2.620.485 82.142.482 5.127.962 156.173.200 5.220.888 161.042.670
Export 12.750 266.600 32.500 412.110 474 69.958 1.359 218.459


At present, Turkish steel products are exported to more than 130 countries. The share of Middle East / Gulf countries in total exports of iron and steel products, which was approximately 10.2 million tons in 2003, was 34.9%, share of EU countries 24.6% and share of Far East / Asian countries 17%.

It is 14-15 million tons of crude steel production in Turkey and our net steel importer with the level of our consumption of 12 million tons of electric arc furnace facility Although primarily be dependent on imports of scrap and other raw material requirements cause. The fact that about 2/3 of the production in our country is made in the electric arc furnaces, makes the production out of the production inputs.

When we examine the last 10 years of exports of iron-steel and iron-steel products, it is seen that they generally have an upward trend. Our exports of iron and steel, which was 1.9 billion dollars in 1993, increased by over 100 percent in the next 10 years period and realized as 4.360 billion dollars in 2003.

Turkish iron and steel products were exported to a total of 151 countries in 2003. In the export, Italy took the first place with 422,149,128 million dollars, the USA is the second with 338,204,397 million dollars, Germany is the third with 281,993,865 million dollars. Following these three countries are Israel, China, Spain and England.

Turkey’s iron and steel and articles of iron or steel in 2002, while exports increased by 29 percent to 3.3 billion dollars in 2003 rose to $ 4.3 billion. If Turkey’s crude steel production increased by 11.1 percent compared to 2002 and reached 18.2 million tons, while 67 per cent of production that have been exported around 13 million tons of crude steel.

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